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Kashi Temple Tour 4.5


The temples and ghats in Varanasi are some of the most historic and oldest temples in the world. Famous words from Mark Twain once said, "Benaras is older then egypt older then the greece, and looks as old as both of them combined.


The temples visited on the tour are part of the 12 holy pilgrimages of Hinduism.

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Detailed Day Wise Itinerary

  • Day : 1

    Pickup From The Hotel And Proceed To Visit Famous Kashi Viswanath Temple (Kashi Vishvanath Temple Is One Of The Most Famous Hindu Temples And Is Dedicated To Lord Shiva. The Temple Stands On The Western Bank Of The Holy River Ganga And Is One Of The Twelve Jyotirlinga�S The Holiest Of Shiva Temples. The Main Deity Is Known By The Name Vishvanatha Or Vishveshvara Meaning Ruler Of The Universe).

    Annapurna Temple (Annapurna temple is dedicated to the Annapurna or Annapoorna Mata, the Goddess of Food or the Goddess of Nourishment (Anna means food and Purna means complete or full).

    Vishalakshi Temple (Vishalakshi Temple is dedicated to the Vishalakshi Maa (means wide eyed Devi) or the Goddess Parvati, the consort of the Lord Shiva. Vishalakshi Temple is also known as the Vishalakshi Gauri Temple. It is a most famous Hindu temple located at the Meer Ghat on the bank of the holy River Gange in the Varanasi. The Vishalakshi Temple is considered as a Shakti Pitha, the most holy temples devoted to the Hindu Divine Mother, Adi Shakti). And come back to Hotel for Lunch, after lunch proceeds for.

    You would return to Varanasi by late morning and visit important temples like Birla temple, Manas Mandir, Kashi Vishwanath temple, Bharat Mata temple, Annapurna temple, Sankat Mochan temple and others. If time permits, you would be visiting Kal Bhairav temple too. Lunch will be serveden-route. Many temples have rules regarding the dress code, use of camera and others. Please obey to rules to avoid being blocked from entering into the temple.

    Durga Temple (Durga temple is also known as the Monkey temple (because of the presence of huge number of monkeys), situated in the Durga Kund, Varanasi. The temple is dedicated to the Goddess Durga..

    Tulsi Manas Mandir Temple is one of the famous temples of the Varanasi and also known as the Tulsi Birla Manas Mandir. It is located at Durgakund very close to the Durga Temple in the Varanasi city. It is made up of the white marble in the year 1964 and looks very attractive having beautiful garden. The temple is dedicated to the Lord Rama and constructed by the family of Banaras. The temple has beautiful images of the Ram, Sita, Lakshhman and Hanuman.

    If desired, you can watch the ritual from the river, on a boat. The ghat will be very crowded and people usually choose to view the ritual from the boat. After Aarti, you would be dropped back at your hotel or taken to airport/railway station as per your request.

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