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Hi! Welcome to Facilities Travels

Facilities Travels is one of the best emerging player in tours and travel industry by highly energetic young professionals having rich experience in the segment.
Facilities Travels offers package for domestic, and inbound destinations. Our specialty lies in customize holidays package as per your budget.

Our team continuosly focus on to optimize your personal or professional travels expense without compromising on the quality of the service.
Being as a responsible travel partner, our outmost priority is to make your vacation or business trip more pleasurable and memorable and by doing so we have owned the heart of our customers and getting opportunity to serve them and again.

Mission Statement

To win the heart of our customers by making their pleasurable and memorable.

Vision Statement

To be recognized one of the finest trvel patners in varanasi & abroad who believe in delivering best services than just promising.

Call to us: 0542 250 0965


Facilities travels offers best deals on tour packages for any part of India and abroad.



The old city has great places that never fade in your memory once you visit the place.



Bharat Milap is a great event, which is celebrated between the month of Oct & Nov.



The top luxury hotels in Varanasi, It's hard to shatter the popular belief that Varanasi's ghats.

Package Booking

Summer special Holidays in Varanasi. Well, we at Facilities Travels want you to simply forget all these and think about something good like holidaying at some of the best summer destinations in Varanasi.

Hotel Booking

Don't wing it with accommodation during high season. If you're booking a hotel, don't pay full price. Earn points and miles to redeem free hotel rooms. Check the location of your accommodation.

Events Booking

The Communication Matters International Conference is a popular event so we ... not only to ensure your place but to benefit from early bird booking discounts!

Sight Seeing Booking

Book sightseeing tours on the go National destinations while you are on a holiday. Explore all the sightseeing tours available and book your tickets here.

Tour Discount

Book the beer tour with a city bike tour and SAVE 15%. Pedal & Pints Discount. Size Matters Beer Tour group. Our original and most social tour. We have struck ...

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Branding is the first impression Facilities Travels will have on a prospect. Creates Employee Advocates. Supports Marketing and Advertising Efforts.

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